How to Help - Calicinto USA: Calicinto Ranch

During the summertime, June through August, Calicinto offers a "week of wishes come true" through camping to children who have a parent in prison. These children have an exciting opportunity to come to camp at no cost to them or their families!

With 70,000 children of prisoners right here in Southern California, your community, we need to break the cycle of crime that statistics show these children will follow.

Send a Prisoner's Child to Camp - Change a Life!

It is through generous contributions from people like you that we are able to continue sending these children to camp. Please pray that the Lord would lead you in helping meet our needs, to send these precious little ones to a week of fun, friendships, and wishes come true!

Along with the many needs that come with offering a free week of camping to children of prisoners, such as animals, food, activities, housekeeping, maintenance, as well as many others, any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated!

Send A Child To Camp!!!


Giving children a life-changing experience!


To break the cycles of at-risk youth of incarcerated parents.


Redirecting lives - Prevent crime.


Together, we can reach lives - help out communities, families, schools, and our country.